Business Profile

Business Profile

DIAMANTIDIS SA is one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in Greece. Its foundation dates back to 1975, and it is based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Possessing a complete production cycle, state-of-the-art technological equipment, and specialized staff, DIAMANTIDIS SA specializes in the field of manufacturing modern home furniture such as bedrooms, bedside tables, dining rooms, and tables, for wholesale and retail also. In addition to that, the company's services are broadened in the complete equipment of business premises and hotel units, thus composing the DIAMANTIDIS CONTRACT.

Since 2000 the company, along with its Specialized Department: DS Contact, has conquered the professional equipment field: equipment of hotel units, multipurpose areas, restaurants, cafes - bars. 

A sample of the company's projects is available for reviewing at

The production process in both DS Contract - Diamantidis InHouse Furniture and Internal DoorsDepartment, is certified according to ISO 9001 system.

The company has implemented an Integrated Management System of its operations (ERP / MRP / MIS / E-SHOP). Based on this MRP, it provides a range of interactive features/information between it and its partners (e-shop / online monitoring of their orders/bid management - stock).

By meticulously recording modern trends and adopting innovative solutions, it manages to differentiate its products, offering excellent quality materials, functionality, and impeccable aesthetic result.

DIAMANTIDIS SA offers certificates and guarantees from international official certification institutions for every product launched on the market. 

It is worth mentioning that the company's success comes from the threefold study - design - construction.

The companies team:

  • Studies: Every space, based on its specificity, needs careful consideration so that each surface is utilized in the best possible way.
  • Designs: After the accurate study of the space, a team of experienced designers formulates specific proposals according to the customer's needs, all for a flawless result, both functionally and aesthetically.
  • Manufactures: according to the approved design, the furniture, and the wood paneling, the project gets to its last phase, while specialized personnel supervises all the construction's stages so that the result certifies the original decorative proposal.

Our continuous and permanent pursuit is the absolute satisfaction of even the most "demanding" customers, as well as good and trouble-free communication with the partner.